Ready? Get your timer ready, and some music, you’ll love it!

1 minute warming up, easy jogging on the spot

1 minute Jump rope fast! . Alternatively if you don’t have a rope (yet… Get one, it is SO effective!) high knees!


1 minute of Push ups, broaden the base of support a bit or go down on your knees if it is too much. Try to finish the whole minute. By the end of the two weeks you will easily do this!

1 minute of Jump rope


1 minute Bicycle Crunch. Press your lower back firmly into the ground while you ‘ crunch’ your left elbow (behind your head) to your right knee while pulling in your knee from a straight leg. Same for the other side.


1 minute Jump rope

1 minute Mountain climber. From plank position. You can do this at high speed or slow down for lower impact. Again by the end of the two weeks you will do the full mountain climber for one minute!



Don’t forget to do some stretching afterwards and drink water!