Healthy employees are worth investing in! 

As Harvard research showed already in 2010, investing in (good!) Employee Wellness/ Health programs will give the following outcomes

  • Lower costs: The savings on health care costs alone make for an impressive ROI.
  • Greater productivity: Participants in wellness programs are absent less often and perform better at work than their nonparticipant counterparts.
  • Higher morale: Employee pride, trust, and commitment increase, contributing to a vigorous organization.

Employee pride, trust, and commitment increase, contributing to a vigorous organization.

We can BOOST your company! No extra work for HR, we take care of it all!


  • BOOST. Intense: a 6 weeks program which will help you and your team / company to reset and build some new healthy routines. Depending on the preferences and possibilities of your team members we design the 6 weeks program and we guarantee you that the energy level of your team will change!
  • BOOST. Tailor made. Does your company already have a leadership program and do you want to use the BOOST. Vision into your program? We offer Tailormade programs where we combine your leadership vision and strategy with our vision about optimising the well – being of your employees.
  • One day/time events: A great addition to your Offsite/ team building day. Doing sports together builds the team, shows leadership skills or just simply gives a lot of energy. Depending on your goals we design a program that fits and we will take care of it all.
  • One day Corporate retreats: do you really want to kick start well being within your company? Then the Corporate retreat is for you. During the retreat we work from the 4 BOOST. areas giving the participants a whole new perspective on (employees) wellbeing. Perfect to create a new mindset for for example the leadership of the company or the high potentials. Contact us for more information about these retreats.

We also offer several specialised programmes like ‘ Sugar Detox’  and ‘Preventing Burn-out’. Please contact us to find out more!


We love to tell you more about our options!