We believe in a new way of (Personal) training. For all those who are really committed to a new lifestyle. We believe in having fun. We have a positive outlook and are all about bringing more energy into your life.
When you train with us it is not just about doing exercises. We want to get to know you, we want to know what you eat and how you live your life. We believe in a so called holistic approach. A fancy word for saying; we look at the whole you.

How do we do that? When we start you will first get our ‘ Booster’ . A fun and intensive way to find out where you get and loose energy. Asking you all kind of questions, testing and getting to know you. Based on your Booster we get you a plan. For your goals and ambitions fitting your personality. Bringing in the sort of expertise that is needed for you. Do you struggle with the right food? We will bring in a nutritionist. Not enough rest? How about some tips on that. Do you get it? And in the meanwhile we work out. Big time!

We also offer group programmes focussing on specific topics. With likeminded people you will be having fun and achieving your goals at the same tlme. Find out more about our programmes. And contact us if you want to know more about our personal training

And all our programmes are supported by our Online portal where we not only provide you with all kind of inspiration and background information but where we also track your energylevel to see how you are really feeling!


We offer two types of training:

Personal one on one training  and  Group programmes designed for you 

Do you want to train for a specific event? A marathon? your first 10km? A triathlon? Please contact us. We might be the right one for you!