Our brand new Running programme. Offering you something truly unique!

Working together with Top professionals in the field of Yoga, Running, Nutrition, Sleep, life coaching and personal training we are able to offer you an amazing 10 weeks programme everything supported by our online portal for only 54 CHF per week.

Are you a runner but do you feel that you are ‘ stuck’ at the same level? Do you want to run but honestly, you just hate it? Are you looking for a fun and challenging way to get fit before Summer? Do you want a core that rocks? Looking for some great running mates? Determined to really join the Greifenseelauf this year?

Any of this about you? Then this programme is for you!


So what do we offer?

  • daily tips on our 4 BOOST areas (MOVE; REST; EAT; FUEL) on how to become a better runner
  • Live Yoga session in Central Zurich on how to become a strong and lean runner with online tips and videos for the right stretching for runners
  • Nutrition for runners, do’s and don’ts
  • online core routines for runners
  • 5 live running clinics. We are offering 7 in total so you can make sure to really get those 5!
  • all used via our online portal where classes can easily be booked and inspiration be found
  • monthly use of our online BOOST. Tracker so we can actually see what is happening with your energy level during the programme.

And then we haven’t even mentioned this:

  • yummy snacks from our partners during the running clinics
  • a great possibility to get yourself some new running friends
  • possibility to book extra (complimentary) private sessions with top experts in their field
  • fun!

The programme costs only 540 CHF for the full 10 weeks (including VAT) and you can book it via our website.

The dates for the sessions can be find below


Sunday 27.5 @ 9.00 Running clinic by Barbara Rijntjes

Saturday 2.6 @16.00 YOGA by Mirjam Haymann (Location to be announced)

Monday 4.6 @20.00 Running clinic by Barbara Rijntjes

Monday 11.6 @20.00 Running clinic by Barbara Rijntjes

Sunday 17.6 @9.00 Running clinic by Barbara Rijntjes

Monday 25.6 @20.00 Running clinic by Barbara Rijntjes

Sunday 1.7 @9.00 Running clinic by Barbara Rijntjes

Monday 16.7 @20.00 Running clinic by Barbara Rijntjes

All running clinics will be outdoors Central Zürich (Sihl / Allmend area)

psst, no worries once you joined the programme you can book these sessions via our online portal and we shoot them into your calendar right away!

About our Experts 

Barbara Rijntjes is the founder of Boost, born and raised in the Netherlands and living in Switzerland for 5 years now. She is a certified personal training, running coach and a passionate marathoner (Berlin, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Boston, Jungfrau and many many shorter distance races)

Mirjam Haymann is a Yoga Guru staying completely down to earth. Mirjam has her roots in Zürich and explored the world in many different ways.

Gemma Bischoff will be the nutritionist on this programme. Originally from the UK she is now a real ‘ Swissie’ living in Switzerland for years already. She has a background in both clinical Nutrition as well as sports nutrition working for Holmes place for years.


Book your programme today as places are limited to 20 participants only.