We are passionate about bringing more energy into organizations are we believe that there is so much potential, we just need to unlock it. And there are many different ways to do this. We love to help you!


BOOST Tailor made offers just what it says: a program tailor made for your company.
We will start having a session to identify the needs in your company and together with you we will design the perfect program. For that we can use different tools (interviews, survey, round table discussion etc.)
Our BOOST founder Barbara is not only a certified Personal Trainer but also a certified management consultant and with her years of experience in the field of organisational design and change she can combine her analytical skills with very practical program and training design. This unique combination guarantees you to get a highly effective program that does a lot more than just getting your employees fit(ter).


Do you want to make a difference for your employees? Set new healthy routines within your company? Create bigger commitment and higher productivity?
Ask us to BOOST your company!
The BOOST Intense entails the following:

  • 6 weeks of (a minimum of) 2 hrs of training a week
  • Daily inspiration for all participants about (setting) new healthy habits
  • Kick – off meeting to inspire and motivate with a focus on goal setting and achieving results
  • End meeting where results will be shared and celebrated

We will take care of it all! No extra work for HR, promised!


Would you like to kickstart your annual Team meeting? Do you want to energise the breaks of a long day full of discussions? Or do you want to have a team event where your team members will be physically challenged?
We can BOOST your meeting and events. And we guarantee you that your participants will be full of energy after working with us.
Depending on the group we can offer different kind of trainings as part of the BOOST experience.

  • Outdoor Bootcamp with the elements of Nature
  • Circuit training (TRX, Kettlebell, Medicine ball etc)
  • Running clinics
  • HITT – workouts
  • One day Corporate retreats
  • Special request? Ask us and we can organise it within our network of professionals.


Everything (ok almost everything) is possible. Please contact us to find out how we can bring more energy into your company and unlock its full potential.