Boost is about being committed to bring more energy into your life and then we mean really committed!
Personal training is not for everybody, maybe you are looking for a group. For like minded people. If you committed to a healthy and energetic lifestyle we now offer the possibility a couple of times per year to join one one of our group programmes. Ok SMALL group programmes! 20 people max so you have to be quick!

With these programmes we combine real life training on a specific topic with online training. You join our online platform and we inspire and energize you via our portal. And you come to your sessions. Running, Yoga, Core. Depending on the programme.

Workout routines, no standard but for YOU! Lifestyle tips focussing on different ways to boost your energy. And once a month we check in on you with our Boost tracker. To see how you are feeling. So no hiding!

You can book your group programme via our shop.


Starting with our BOOST. your Run programme the 15th of May 2018. A holistic approach to running! You can find out more about the programme here

And keep an eye on our website for the other programmes coming up!

Join one or our programmes and you have your own Boost trainer with you! Every day…..