Do you feel stuck? or do you need some guidance and inspiration?

At the moment we offer online one- on – one coaching with Barbara Rijntjes, the founder of Boost, sports freak, entrepreneur and corporate business leader offering an holistic approach to find out where your energy is leaking and where it can be boosted.

Just shoot a message if you want to find out more about that.


For personal training in Zürich Switzerland we work together with the amazing Gonca. For personal training and / or grouptrainings she is definitely worth checking out. She also helps people with custom made programmes to finish (half) marathon or other running challenges. You can find more information about her Company here


Boosting your energy is about a lot more than just exercising , or just choosing healthy food (both of that for sure helps….)

Get inspired by the interview our founder gave to CNN Switzerland on the topic and please reach out if you think we can be of any help