I trained with Barbara for approximately 6 months on an average of 2 – 3 times per week!
Barbara is a truly excellent trainer. There was never a quiet or relaxed time during our sessions, no matter how much my lazy body/ass tried to tell her that my legs were hurting or that my energy level was not the same as for normal people.. She knew that I was trying to get away to do my exercises! Barbara constantly shouted that I was doing so well! – which was a great motivation for me. In addition. she was really understanding and careful in the beginning were she even came with me to visit my physiotherapist due to back problems(arthritis). Basically, Barbara is a kind of a trainer who works with the whole person, emotionally, mentally and physically. I became stronger, and even in the end before moving away from Switzerland I could skip my medication for my back pain(arthritis) – I recommend her from the bottom of my heart – I mean look at her.. She is just one of a kind!

Ellen R.

The brilliance of the BOOST 6-week core programme is that each session requires only 7 minutes per day.  To make it work, you have to do it for 6 consecutive days over 6 weeks.  I did it every day except two, but when I missed a day, I did a 7 minute session in the morning and a second 7 minute session in the evening, so I did AB exercises for 6 weeks non-stop!  I have never managed that kind of discipline or commitment before. And guess what? The results were ripplingly awesome.  I am so excited by my improved core that I have just started my second 6-week cycle.  If I can do it, you can.

Tiffany B.

Roche PDB have just completed a 7 week outdoor corporate program with BOOST. Our objective was to promote a healthy lifestyle, enhance our employees energy levels and to team build and have fun along the way. The results and feedback have been very positive and employees really appreciated this support with their work-life balance. In our current busy work environments healthy, energized and balanced employees are key to employee engagement and effectiveness. We would definitely recommend this program to other corporations.

Joanne V.

Roche PDBC Basel site head & Global head SPM. 

Barbara is a very experienced management consultant. Her style is characterized by powerful entrepreneurship and a sharp eye for strategic organisational development, change and renewal. She is able to accomplish sustainable organizational change with her sharp analyses, uniting qualities and inexhaustible energy. On all levels: from shop floor to board. As Partner of the company she designed the new strategic direction of the organisation and guided us to a learning organisation. Her departure to Switzerland was a great loss for the company.


Starting to train with BOOST has been a great decision! The training sessions are really energizing and motivating. I always go back home feeling so much stronger and in a great mood!  We focus on my goals and needs, so that only after 6 sessions I already feel a huge difference on my fitness level and my everyday energy. On top of that, Barbara really knows how to motivate me to train more often. Since starting, I feel such a positive impact on my well being!