BOOST. has been founded by Barbara Rijntjes – Besancon. Sportsfreak and Sports entrepreneur.

BOOST. is also a network of professionals. Together we are able to offer state of art knowledge, years and years of experience and services on different themes
We all have one thing in common: we believe in improving (corporate) life. So each and everyone can make a difference.


About Barbara Rijntjes – Besancon

“I am a mother of 2 kids, married, a Dutchie living in Switzerland, constantly full of new ideas and I can’t imagine a life without sports.
So after some years working and playing hard (not resting so much) in the consultancy business I found myself looking at my life with way too little energy….. Coming from a very energetic person I knew something had to change! As life comes as it comes we then got the opportunity to move to Switzerland and for me that was the perfect moment to rethink my personal and professional choices and I went back to my old-time passion: Sports and basically got my ‘ entrepeneurial vibes ‘ back again.
I founded Mom in Balance Switzerland, studied to become a personal trainer at the American Council of Exercise (ACE), became a passionate marathoner and got my Runners trainer certificate. After 5 years I sold Mom in Balance Switzerland. 
Over the past years lots of people have been asking me where I get my energy from. “Are you on Red – Bull permanently?” is a question that has been asked more than once. Thinking about that BOOST. was born. Sharing my knowledge, experience and passion about living an energetic life and combining that with my year of organisational and strategic experience. 
I am also leading the Leadership and Culture topics within a big Professional Services firm in Switzerland working on that same mission: helping other people to thrive.

This is exactly where I am supposed to be” 


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